Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo)

well, I think I must be the worst blog writer ever judging by how often I update this one…

It’s now the end of October and I do feel like I’m making progress, albeit slowly sometimes. Reading back over past entries, I’m reminded of how useful this process is for self reflection and reminding myself how far along the road I am (even if I don’t update that often!)

I’ve signed up for Academic Writing Month, aka #AcWriMo, with the aim of finishing three chapters that I’ve been working on for a while. The idea is that for the month of November, you set some goals to really push yourself, and then declare this publicly (either through twitter #AcWriMo or the PhD2Published facebook page). Academic Writing Month is a great way to make yourself accountable, ultimately to yourself! I did it last year with the very modest goal of doing at least one pomodoro a day until I finished my interview transcriptons (a potentially quite tedious task!) Well, it worked and kickstarted me into the next phase of my research, hence I am doing it again!

This time around, my goal is to write for 2 hours each day (including working days and weekends) for the entire month, with the aim of finishing off three chapters of my literature review. 2 hours might not sound much, and indeed I’ve averaged around 5 – 6 the last few days. However, the days I am at work, and the weekends are more of a challenge. I’ve also pledged to do an hour on non-work days (I currently work Thursday and Friday) on completing my data coding which is about half way done. Given November 1 is a Thursday, which means I’ll be at work, it’ll be a good test to see how I fit those 2 hours of writing in…..

The last 6 months or so have been an interesting process as I try to start tying everything together. Some days I have sat at the computer and cried with frustration at how difficult it is, wondering why on earth I chose to put myself through this. Then I have days like this week where everything flows, and I make intellectual connections with things I hadn’t seen before, and that feeling is amazing!!

So, #AcWriMo, let’s see if I can reach my goals and get to the end of the year with a really significant amount of my thesis done!!


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