Notes to myself on coding

I’ve started the process of coding my interview transcriptions. It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I’m reading lots of advice about how to do it and how not to do it, and need to make some notes for myself to remember.

* it’s hard at the beginning to find the balance between collecting ideas and concepts that might be useful (even if I’m not sure how at this stage) and having way too many categories of codes and becoming totally overwhelmed with data

*I need to be careful of not unintentionally losing ideas, even if I can’t see the relevance at the moment

*I need to keep ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ things apart

*Remember that this is an ongoing analytical process so my ideas and nodes of information will change as I begin to write about this

*My categories need to be clear and unambiguous

*Use detailed descriptions and remember to date them!

*When reading through the data, think about
– that’s interesting
– why is it interesting?
– why will this project benefit from that concept?
– where does it go?

* have a ‘free’ area for nodes with no logical place

*I need to go back to my research questions

for teachers:
-intentions in regard to the teaching of O&M skills
-strategies used
-what outcomes were expected
-what influence did O&M training have?

for parents:
-how did you become involved in O&M training
-what aspects were important
-what meaning did you make of your experiences?
-what perspectives do you have?
-what influence did it have?

*I need to think about my research framework – symbolic interactionism and how my coding will reflect back on the key ideas
-how we act toward things
-the meaning things have for us
-how social interaction with others influences meaning

I am experimenting with using a software program called HyperRESEARCH and already finding it useful. Can’t imagine trying to code and sort this by hand!! I was going to use NVivo until I realise you can’t use it on a Mac……(unless you set up a Windows environment which I don’t want to do). HyperRESEARCH seems fairly intuitive and easy to use. I am also using Transana for video data analysis (which is a little way down the track). I’m excited about seeing it all fit together but it’s also a little daunting at the moment!


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