time to knuckle down…

2012 is here, and for me this signals the start of a busy year.  I’ve made the decision to drop my working hours down starting in March from full-time to two days a week so I can concentrate on completing my EdD.  Although it’s been ticking along, I’ve got a lot of work to do!  I also want to be more diligent in keeping up my blog (which hasn’t been updated since September!) as I find the reflective process really useful.  I also find that reading back on older posts is interesting and motivating and reminds me that I’ve come further than I sometimes think!

I am finding great resources on the net all the time, one of my favourites is the #phdchat daily newspaper which is published using paper.li  This morning, I came across a post at the Silence and Voice blog about using the pomodoro technique to help with transcription.  I have been using this technique as well to help with staying motivated to complete my interview transcriptions, and more importantly to get myself into a consistent routine of doing something each day.

When I first read about the pomodoro technique, I was quite skeptical but it works!  I downloaded the app, and set myself a very small goal of doing one pomodoro (25 mins) of transcription every day after work.  As most of us know, getting started is the hard part, once we get going we often end up doing far more than we had planned, and I often ended up doing 2 or 3 pomodoro’s in a row. I haven’t quite finished my transcriptions (had a bit of a break over Christmas) but am planning to start using the pomodoro again on a daily basis until they’re finished.  That, of course, is only the start of the data process but at least it’s a start!


One thought on “time to knuckle down…

  1. Tania Dick

    Keep going Bron. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Like you I find reflection a very useful tool of my trade. I’m looking forward to reading more about your progress.


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