Circus Ponies Notebook – I love it!

I’ve been thinking about the different software programs and apps I’ve been using on my MacBook Pro, my iPhone and iPad which are really helping me to keep my research organised.  How did I ever complete my first degree using a typewriter??!

One of the first fabulous applications I discovered is Circus Ponies Notebook. I have been using this since 2007 and have found it invaluable for keeping all my research related documents and work in one place.

Notebook looks like an old fashioned spiral bound notebook.  It has pages inside that are lined like regular paper notebooks, and you have the ability to add dividers just as you would in a paper notebook.  I really really like the visual aspect of this – maybe I’m showing my age!  You can import a number of different types of files – text, pdf, images, diagrams,movies. You can also ‘action’ items that you need to complete and sync the actions to iCal. The Multidex function, which sits at the back of Notebook like an index, makes it super easy to find any document you are looking for by storing changes, attributes, keywords etc.

I currently use this application on both my MacBook Pro and my iMac.  There’s a new iPad app out which I haven’t tried yet.  And I don’t just use it for research – I have a Notebook for some consultancy work I was doing, which keeps track of the work, contracts, payment receipts etc, and I also have one for recipes.  Notebook allows you to ‘clip’ and paste from the internet which is great for saving little snippets like recipes.

There have been several updates to Notebook since I purchased it and there are a number of features I haven’t even used yet. But highly recommended to keep you organised!

In future posts, I’ll be writing about some other apps and programs I am using such as Scrivener, OmmWriter and Index Card to name a few.   


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